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How much can I borrow?

You will be amazed at how varied your maximum borrowing capacity will be with different lenders.
Each lender has different standards which will influence your borrowing power. Factors such as other on-going debt will all affect how much you can borrow.

A complimentary consultation with us will give you a clear picture as to what your maximum borrowing capacity will be. We will need to ask you questions about your income and expenses so that an accurate borrowing capacity can be provided to you.
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How much deposit do I need?

Credit policy can change from time to time. Most lenders will now let you borrow between 90—95% of the value of the property. You need to demonstrate good savings patterns, have no late fees on your repayments or overdrawn fees on your transaction accounts.

Most lenders require a minimum of 5% of the purchase price as evidence of your ability to repay a mortgage. This can be made up of a combination of savings, rent paid and early payment of personal debts.

In some cases your deposit will need to be 20% depending on the type and location of your property.

We will also discuss and process any government grants or schemes for first home buyers and help to determine if you are eligible to receive the benefit.

You may need to allow for stamp duty. Stamp duty will vary depending on the state, purchase price and if you are eligible for any exemptions. Lifestyle Finance will give you an indication of how much stamp duty will apply to your purchase.

Please contact us to discuss your personal situation for a full assessment.
Buying your first home is a little bit scary. It's a big decision and a lot of money!

You are bound to be a little wary and nervous—we get that.
We have been helping first home buyers for years (indeed we were first home buyers once ourselves too!)
You will be in good hands… we will guide you through the whole process of attaining a suitable mortgage and help you every step of the way
  • Choose a suitable home loan that best suits you—with 50 lenders on our books we can offer great solutions
  • The home loan application process—we will take all the hassle out of it and do all the necessary form filling and documentation for you
  • Stamp duty, bank fees, conveyancing fees—we will go through all that with you too
  • Help you with your application for the First Home Owner Grant if you are eligible
  • Look for any additional grants that you may be eligible for
When our mortgage broker looks for a suitable loan, various things are considered such as:
  • What your borrowing capacity is
  • Your estimated monthly repayments
  • Interest rates
  • Other features that are available like a redraw facility etc
We will discuss the many options available with you.
Call today and schedule a meeting with our mortgage broker, we'd love to help you on your journey to buying your first home!
First Home Owner Grant
Talk to us today about your eligibility for government grants.

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